SEO for Drupal: how we optimize your website

SEO drupal

SEO-optimization - is extremely important component of site development without which any further effective and quality promotion seems to be an unpromising business regardless of the chosen marketing strategy. Here we should probably explain that saying "optimization" we refer to a set of actions and modifications that will allow search engines find your website easily and index it correctly, quickly and in full amount. 

Drupal and safety of your site

Web resource security, in fact, is quite broad question which includes a lot of very different factors like safety of content management system, safety of server, on which the resource is hosted, a competence of site administrator, a "human factor", etc. In this publication we will not deal with the entire spectrum of security issues, and just try to briefly inform you about what concerns safety of content management system and why Drupal is currently one of the safest CMS.

Dries Buytaert (creator of Drupal):The launch of the White House website is another in a long line of proof points that demonstrate the success of Drupal as a web technology

To be frank, the dispute on which CMS is betteris has no differece from questions like which is more powerful - C or Pascal, which is better - Mersedes or BMW, who is stronger - an elephant or whale. However, choosing a particular tool or development environment, each of us uses some own criteria corresponding to its tastes or needs. This interview is already 5 years old since the publication, but the principles that we were guided by while choosing CMS for our own development, has remained unchanged. And about these you can learn from the words of Dries Buytaert, the creator and developer of Drupal.